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Make your purchase in the spa or online!!! Look for your VIP email announcing a special offer when you purchase a Skin Care Management System!

Price: $236 a savings of $96 on suggested retail value

~Jan Marini Skin Care Research is a 9X winner for the best skin care system by New Beauty Magazine~ Purchase Online here: Enter Jan Marini Store
Elevate your experience with one of our new Massage Enhancements!

Choose from one of our 9 new enhancements that can be added to your 60 or 90 minute massage!

Hot Stones

Begin your massage with some warming stones and effleurage massage to warm up the muscles.


Aroma Blend

Choose from six special blends for an ultimate aromatic and healing experience.


Salt Foot Scrub

Slough and buff dry feet with Repechage seaweed and peppermint salt scrub followed by a warm towel foot wrap.


Add DoTerra Peppermint Oil


eco-fin® Hand or Foot Treatment

Petroleum free all plant based Warm Shea Butter, Jojoba and Coconut Oils enrobe hands or feet in warm mitts or booties restoring dry skin!


Lamina Lift Face Mask

Seaweed is infused into the skin delivering essential nutrients and antioxidants. Your skin will be replenished, and deep hydration restored with this Repechage seaweed infused sheet mask. 


Eye Contour Mask

Hydrate, de-puff, firm and lighten the eye area. Reduce the signs of sleep deprivation and environmental damage with this seaweed based Repechage eye treatment. (additional 15 minutes)


LED Facial Mask

LED Light transforms skin cells into younger healthier functioning cells. Cells begin producing natural collagen which adds density and firmness to your skin. You will notice a healthier looking appearance after just one treatment.



Cupping aids in releasing fascia improving flow of energy and circulation.


Dry Brushing 

Begin your massage with therapeutic dry bushing done with a boar bristle brush in light sweeping strokes to aid in lymphatic drainage and exfoliation.



Treating easily inflamed complexions – a gentle approach to healing acne


Hydra Medic Facial (60 min./$90) Acne and rosacea are targeted by this service featuring Repêchage Hydra Medic products.

After cleansing the face, the esthetician massages in a serum under steam. Next, a mask containing seaweed—high in essential fatty acids—preps skin for extractions by softening comedones, which helps minimize trauma. Following extractions, a mud mask is applied, reducing redness thanks to seaweed, brown and red algae, and an oil-absorbing mineral. That mask is removed and replaced with another containing calamine, zinc, buttermilk and tea. Once the final mask is taken off, a mattifying moisturizer designed to smooth skin and heal acne lesions is applied.

Sensitive skin all-stars:

“The Hydra Medic line’s ingredients help regulate normal oil production and heal the skin,” says spa owner Julie Mahoney. Plus, the at-home Beta Hydroxy Serum combines glycolic and salicylic acids in a low percentage to remove dead skin and reduce sebum retention while minimizing irritation.

Kudos from clients:

“People are amazed by this gentle healing approach, especially after trying strong cosmeceuticals that initially improve but never completely heal their acne,” says Mahoney, who recommends monthly Hydra Medic facials, a weekly mud mask and twice-daily use of Repêchage homecare products.



Congratulations to Deana and Donna for achieving Oasis Day Spa’s standard of service by completing the MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist Certification.

Here at Oasis, all our nail technologists must complete the MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist Certification ensuring a higher standard of salon hygiene and safe practice. Oasis Day Spa is accredited by MediNail Learning Center under the direction of foot care specialist Dr.  Robert Spalding, DPM, a professional committed to the advancement and empowerment of his profession.


Oasis Day Spa is the proud recipient of The South Shore Magazine’s Star of Excellence award

Chosen by the staff of Black Rock Advertising & its affiliates in partnership with a select group of business associates on the South Shore. The Star of Excellence award is given to companies that provide and exemplify overall excellence in quality of product, service & total experience provided to their clients & customers.

Oasis celebrates 20 years as the recipient of South Shore Magazines Star of Excellence Award in recognition of providing and exemplifying overall excellence in the quality of their product, service and total experience that they provide to their clients and customers.MORE...