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Elevate your experience with a Massage Enhancement!

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Elevate your experience with one of our new Massage Enhancements!

Choose from one of our 9 new enhancements that can be added to your 60 or 90 minute massage!

Hot Stones

Begin your massage with some warming stones and effleurage massage to warm up the muscles.


Aroma Blend

Choose from six special blends for an ultimate aromatic and healing experience.


Salt Foot Scrub

Slough and buff dry feet with Repechage seaweed and peppermint salt scrub followed by a warm towel foot wrap.


Add DoTerra Peppermint Oil


eco-fin® Hand or Foot Treatment

Petroleum free all plant based Warm Shea Butter, Jojoba and Coconut Oils enrobe hands or feet in warm mitts or booties restoring dry skin!


Lamina Lift Face Mask

Seaweed is infused into the skin delivering essential nutrients and antioxidants. Your skin will be replenished, and deep hydration restored with this Repechage seaweed infused sheet mask. 


Eye Contour Mask

Hydrate, de-puff, firm and lighten the eye area. Reduce the signs of sleep deprivation and environmental damage with this seaweed based Repechage eye treatment. (additional 15 minutes)


LED Facial Mask

LED Light transforms skin cells into younger healthier functioning cells. Cells begin producing natural collagen which adds density and firmness to your skin. You will notice a healthier looking appearance after just one treatment.



Cupping aids in releasing fascia improving flow of energy and circulation.


Dry Brushing 

Dry Brushing done in light sweeping strokes aids in lymphatic drainage and exfoliates dry skin.