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Treating easily inflamed complexions – a gentle approach to healing acne

Hydra Medic Facial
(60 min./$90)

Acne and rosacea are targeted by this service featuring Repêchage
Hydra Medic products.

After cleansing the face, the esthetician
massages in a serum under steam. Next, a mask containing
seaweed—high in essential fatty acids—preps skin for extractions
by softening comedones, which helps minimize trauma. Following
extractions, a mud mask is applied, reducing redness thanks to
seaweed, brown and red algae, and an oil-absorbing mineral. That
mask is removed and replaced with another containing calamine,
zinc, buttermilk and tea. Once the final mask is taken off, a
mattifying moisturizer designed to smooth skin and heal acne
lesions is applied.

Sensitive skin all-stars:

“The Hydra Medic line’s ingredients
help regulate normal oil production and heal the skin,” says spa
owner Julie Mahoney. Plus, the at-home Beta Hydroxy Serum
combines glycolic and salicylic acids in a low percentage to
remove dead skin and reduce sebum retention while
minimizing irritation.

Kudos from clients:

“People are amazed by this
gentle healing approach, especially after trying strong
cosmeceuticals that initially improve but never
completely heal their acne,” says Mahoney, who
recommends monthly Hydra Medic facials, a weekly
mud mask and twice-daily use of Repêchage homecare products.



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