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Presenting Inika!


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The world’s healthiest makeup exclusively offered at Oasis!

Born out of a need to detox, Inika is a pioneer in Certified Organic ingredients and healthy makeup.

We love that Inika’s ingredients are more in line with our need for a clean alternative in makeup that offers a high performance. Inika is ethically sourced and is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Stop by and play with our user friendly display and discover how healthy can be beautiful!


Pioneer in Natural and Organic Make Up

Always at the forefront of developing new formulations since 2006

World’s Healthiest Make Up Brand

World’s highest level of certification

Ingredient promise ensures only the best Certified Organic and natural ingredients make it into our formulas

Never Compromise on Performance

Beloved by celebrity makeup artists

Despite a huge demand for INIKA products, we never compromise on the integrity of our ingredients

World’s 1st Vegan Certified Organic Lipstick

launched in August 2016

Baked Mineral Foundation from Tuscany

launched in August 2016

World’s 1st 100% Natural and Vegan Mascara

That actually works