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Healing Hands Services

A guide to safe service for a compromised immune system

Our Healing Hands Service mission is to provide mental, emotional and physical restoration through healing touch and safe practice. Healing Hands Services for men and women are recommended for post chemotherapy and other treatments and health conditions resulting in a compromised immune system.

Your body may be subjected to a great deal of stress. Your skin may be more sensitive, reactive and/or dry. Healing Hands services are specially designed to address these concerns and are performed with safe practice using products and ingredients that are completely safe and promote healing.

Healing Hands Hand & Foot Care

It is important to know that we do not use metal implements including cuticle nippers, buffers, heat including hot stones and eco-fin or Gel Nails for our Healing Hands Nail services as they are a contraindication for safe practice. All  Our Nail Technologists have receive advanced training through a certification program for safe practice.

All our Nail Technologists have received advance training through the Medinail Certification program for safe salon practice.

Healing Hands Manicure

A Healing Hands Manicure is a complete grooming using organic product. Our Zoya or Danipro line are recommended polish choices for maximum wellness. $20.00

Healing Hands Pedicure

Your feet are soaked in our Contego Pedicure Chairs with a Single-Use Disposable AirJet Liner™ to ensure a sterile foot soak. This service is modified for your protection. Metal implements and callous buffers are omitted from this service. $48

Healing Hands Polish Change

A Healing Hands Polish Change includes filing and shaping the nails. We use non-toxic nail polish. We can include a foot soak using our disposable Contego Air Jet Liners upon request.

Healing Foot Soak

A foot soak can be added to a Polish change on the feet in our Contégo pedicure spa chairs. These chairs stand alone as the ONLY spa chairs that have a disposable foot spa system called Single-Use Disposable AirJet Liner™. Our liner protects each and every client from possible cross-contamination. Both the liner and the jet are disposed of after the service is complete, and every NEW service begins with a NEW AirJet Liner™

Healing Hands Massage Therapy

Our team of Oncology Massage Therapist  are certified with advanced training through Tracy Walton and are recognized by the American Cancer Society.

Healing Hands Massage Therapy

Retreat into total relaxation of body, mind and spirit. A Healing Hands Massage is a light to medium pressure to relax the body for stress management. We only use 100% Grapeseed oil. $75.00

Healing Hands Partial Massage

Receive 30 minutes of focused work on the back shoulders and neck. This is a great option for those desiring a shorter visit with exclusive attention to the back. $45.00

Healing Hands Facial Therapies

Our team of Oncology Estheticians are certified with advanced training through Oncology Spa Solutions and recognized by The American Cancer Society.

Healing Hands Facial

This amazing facial is designed by the oncology trained educator of Repechage and designed to  soothe, calm, reduce sensitivity, restore moisture, protect the lipid barrier and promote healing. This 60 minute facial is booked for 75 minutes $75

LED Light Therapy

LED light treatment in the near red and infra-red spectrum is based on a study by NASA and serves to heal and strengthen sensitive and compromised skin. Light therapy can be done alone or with a facial. $35/25

Kansa LED Healing Facial (coming in October)

LED light treatment is combined with healing Kansa Wand Massage. Kansa Wands are an aryuvedic wand made of the healing metals: copper, zinc and tin. A hydrating Lamina Lift Mask is a sheet mask made of eco-cert seaweed for optimum healing and hydration. This 45 minute service is booked for 60 minutes. $60