South Shore Magazine’s Women in Business

Julie Mahoney
What services does your business specialize in?
We offer many holistic spa services, such as Thai, Bamboo
Hot Stone and Couples Massage with exfoliating body polishes
and detoxifying wraps. We are a five star accredited salon for
safe natural nail care services. Oasis has a wide range of award
winning and results-driven facial treatments by Repechage and
Jan Marini along with microdermabrasion and peels. We also
offer makeup services, lash and brow tinting and waxing services.

What inspired you to pursue this line of work?
While attending esthetic school I had an allergic reaction that
triggered a severe form of acne. My struggle over the ensuing
years became my forte in helping others with the disorder.

How do you define success? A happy client!

Are you involved with any community/charitable organizations?

I am involved with Credit for Life, which is an
organization that helps high school seniors prepare for life’s
financial realities, and the Weymouth Career Fair. I became
an esthetician at the age of 18 and love to help young people
realize their potential and give them the advice and resources
that I didn’t have available in my youth. These are wonderful
programs that do just that.

Anything new and exciting on the horizon for 2016?
Oasis is located in the center of a medical community that includes a
cancer center. I think it makes sense to serve clients who need
a healing touch the most. I have hired a therapist trained in
oncology and lymphedema massage and by this Spring all Oasis
technicians will be trained in safe practice for oncology.

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