The world’s healthiest makeup exclusively offered at Oasis!

Born out of a need to detox, Inika is a pioneer in Certified Organic ingredients and healthy makeup.

We love that Inika’s ingredients are more in line with our need for a clean alternative in makeup that offers a high performance. Inika is ethically sourced and is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Stop by and play with our user friendly display and discover how healthy can be beautiful!


Pioneer in Natural and Organic Make Up

Always at the forefront of developing new formulations since 2006

World’s Healthiest Make Up Brand

World’s highest level of certification

Ingredient promise ensures only the best Certified Organic and natural ingredients make it into our formulas

Never Compromise on Performance

Beloved by celebrity makeup artists

Despite a huge demand for INIKA products, we never compromise on the integrity of our ingredients

World’s 1st Vegan Certified Organic Lipstick

launched in August 2016

Baked Mineral Foundation from Tuscany

launched in August 2016

World’s 1st 100% Natural and Vegan Mascara

That actually works

The new Jan Marini Multi-Acid Resurfacing Pads are finally here!


Resurface for immediately smoother, more polished skin with reduced appearance of pores, fine lines & wrinkles. The perfect compliment to your Jan Marini Skin Management routine! Consult with your esthetician.

Key Ingredients:

These 4 acids are shown to exfoliate skin, improve texture and enhance cellular turnover:

GLYCOLIC ACID – Improve the appearance of texture & wrinkles

SALICYLIC ACID – Clear pores and polish skin

LACTIC ACID – Polishing w/ minimal irritation

MANDELIC ACID – Helps clear skin for a polished complexion

These 3 ingredients help to calm and sooth the skin to prevent irritation:

ALOE VERA EXTRACT  – Reduce irritation / calming

CHAMOMILLA RECUTITA – Calming (German Chamomile)

GREEN TEA EXTRACT – Antioxidant and skin soothing

Its time for Winter Solstice for the soles!

Set back your clock with our seasonal pedicure! Your full pedicure begins with a Moon Fizz soak before a scrub for your dry dogs with Sea Spa Salt Glow and papaya Honey Heel Glaze. A massage with Serene Moon Dip Body Mousse with firming peptides completes your Winter Solstice Pedicure experience!

Your relaxing Winter Solstice Foot Treatment begins with a Moon Rock Foot Soak. After buffing, Enzyme Honey Heel Glaze and Repechage Sea Spa Salt Glow Scrub  your dry dogs. A massage with Serene Moon Dip completes your experience! This is a relaxing foot treatment ~ Nail care is not included.

– Breaking News –

Oasis Day Spa is 1st inspected spa approved by CIDESCO USA

This designation requires that beauty centers meet rigorous CIDESCO hygiene guidelines and ensures that their therapists are qualified, knowledgeable and trained to provide excellent services.

Oasis Day Spa offers a wide array of services using superior products and techniques that provide a truly exceptional experience to its clientele. The Oasis Day Spa staff practice with the highest of standards within the industry. The spa exemplifies CIDESCO and we are honored to bestow them this title.

“I was so impressed with how beautiful the location in a historic district just south of Boston,” said Paul Dykstra, CIDESCO USA CEO. “Oasis Day Spa is the place to visit!”


Elevate your experience with a Massage Enhancements

Enhancements can be added to your 60 or 80 minute massage! Hot Stones

Begin your massage with warm stones and effleurage massage to warm up the muscles.


Aroma Blend

Choose from six special blends for an ultimate aromatic and healing experience.


Salt Foot Scrub

Slough and buff dry feet with Repechage seaweed and peppermint salt scrub & warm towel foot wrap.


DoTerra Peppermint Foot Massage


eco-fin® Hand or Foot Treatment

Petroleum free all plant based oil en-robe hands or feet in warm mitts or booties restoring dry skin.


Lamina Lift Face Mask

Seaweed delivers essential nutrients and antioxidants replenishing deep hydration with this Repechage Lamina Lift Sheet Mask and Jade massage.


Eye Contour Mask

Hydrate, de-puff, firm and lighten the eye area. reduce signs of sleep deprivation and environmental damage with this seaweed based Repechage eye treatment.

(additional 15 minutes)


LED Facial Mask

LED light transforms skin cells into younger healthier functioning cells increasing density and firmness. You will notice a healthier looking appearance after just one treatment!



Cupping aids in releasing fascia improving flow of energy and circulation.


Dry Brushing 

Begin your massage with therapeutic dry brushing done with a boar bristle brush in light sweeping strokes to aid in lymph drainage and exfoliation



Treating easily inflamed complexions – a gentle approach to healing acne

Hydra Medic Facial (60 min./$90) Acne and rosacea are targeted by this service featuring Repêchage Hydra Medic products.

After cleansing the face, the esthetician massages in a serum under steam. Next, a mask containing seaweed—high in essential fatty acids—preps skin for extractions by softening comedones, which helps minimize trauma. Following extractions, a mud mask is applied, reducing redness thanks to seaweed, brown and red algae, and an oil-absorbing mineral. That mask is removed and replaced with another containing calamine, zinc, buttermilk and tea. Once the final mask is taken off, a mattifying moisturizer designed to smooth skin and heal acne lesions is applied.

Sensitive skin all-stars:

“The Hydra Medic line’s ingredients help regulate normal oil production and heal the skin,” says spa owner Julie Mahoney. Plus, the at-home Beta Hydroxy Serum combines glycolic and salicylic acids in a low percentage to remove dead skin and reduce sebum retention while minimizing irritation.

Kudos from clients:

“People are amazed by this gentle healing approach, especially after trying strong cosmeceuticals that initially improve but never completely heal their acne,” says Mahoney, who recommends monthly Hydra Medic facials, a weekly mud mask and twice-daily use of Repêchage homecare products.