Oasis has implemented protocol directed by OSHA, CDC & local government to ensure your protection. The measures are in addition to our already stringent protocol for safe salon practice under CIDESCO, the highest world standard for safe salon practice.

Please click here to create an account Please refrain from visiting if you: Feel unwell or have cold symptoms. Have been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19 in the past 7 days. Guidelines prescribed by Osha, CDC, CIDESCO & Local Government for our guests. Book your appointment on line here: Click Here to Book Must reschedule appointments if feel unwell. Covid-19 positive must wait 10 days before returning to the spa or test negative. Social distancing must be observed within communal spaces. Must wear a face masks in all common areas and the Nail Room. No food will be allowed in the spa. Drinks allowed in a sealed container. Temp will be taken upon arrival. Hands must be sanitized upon entry to the spa. Hands must be washed for 20 seconds with soap & warm water before nail services. Gratuities are accepted by Venmo or cash only.

We have undertaken these measures with the health and wellness of our guests and staff in mind and will continue to do our part to keep you safe and provide peace of mind during your spa experience.

Complete Protocol for Safe Salon Practice I.  Frequent disinfection using 70% isopropyl alcohol or triple disinfectant of high touch points before and after each client’s appointment & comprehensive disinfecting including: Treatment Rooms Door handles Shelves & Counter tops Face rests & use disposable covers Steam machines Magnifying lamps Suspending the use of throws & hand mitts/massage Nightly vacuuming Manicure & Pedicure Room Nail tables & pedicure carts Chairs arm rests & trays Water tap & touch-less soap dispenser Counter tops Polish swatches No polish bottle access Discontinuation of neck wraps, magazines, candy throws & nail dryers Discontinue Hot Stones & limit hand massage for better time management. Nightly vacuuming & mopping Front Desk, Lobby & Common Areas Desktops Credit card machines Water dispenser Arm-less lobby chairs Door handles inside and out & handrails Testers, magazines & candy removed No touch retail – front desk assistance Disposable cups for water (no tea or biscotti) Nightly vacuuming & mopping Bathrooms Sinks and water taps & door knobs No touch soap and paper towel dispensers Nightly vacuuming & mopping Nightly Toilet Cleaning  II.  practice of the following guidelines prescribed by Osha, CDC, CIDESCO & Local Government. Staff will be screened and have their temperature scanned. Individuals with temperatures above 99.9 will be sent home. Require staff who feel unwell to stay home and request that guests who feel unwell reschedule appointments Staff diagnosed with Covid-19 must wait 10 days before returning to the spa or negative test result. Spa will close for disinfection and employees in close contact must be tested to return to work. Social distancing in place within communal spaces. Seating in lobby and hall waiting area spaced 6’ apart. Sneeze Guard in place at the front desk and manicure tables. Staff must wear face masks and face shields and or eye shields. Staff must wear a new pair of gloves for each client. Staff must shower daily, wear hair off the face, Launder lab coats and work clothing daily and wear closed toe shoes. Staff must store all belongings in the coat room and remove all belongings at shift end. Staff must change in the staff coat room. Staff must wash hands for 20 seconds with soap & warm water before & after each service. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the spa. Nail stations are reduced to 3 and spaced 6 feet apart. Partitions used in nail room between pedicure stations and sink. Nail staff will be reduced to a maximum of 3 techs. All sheets, towels, mitts, booties, smocks, and robes shall be removed after each client for laundering. All implements used are disposable or disinfected with a disinfectant and dry heat sterilizer per CIDESCO standards.  III. Deep daily cleaning of treatment rooms, bathrooms and all commonly used areas and surfaces by a certified cleaning licensed company. In addition to the measures listed above:

OASIS DAY SPA will continue to monitor this situation and follow the guidance of the CDC, along with local, state and national authorities. Thank you for your understanding, your compliance and your continued support. We have undertaken these measures with the health and wellness of our guests and staff in mind. Please know we are here for you and will continue to do our part to keep you safe and provide peace of mind during your spa experience.

Warm regards, Julie, Joe and the Oasis Team

– Breaking News –

Oasis Day Spa is 1st inspected spa approved by CIDESCO USA

This designation requires that beauty centers meet rigorous CIDESCO hygiene guidelines and ensures that their therapists are qualified, knowledgeable and trained to provide excellent services.

Oasis Day Spa offers a wide array of services using superior products and techniques that provide a truly exceptional experience to its clientele. The Oasis Day Spa staff practice with the highest of standards within the industry. The spa exemplifies CIDESCO and we are honored to bestow them this title.

“I was so impressed with how beautiful the location in a historic district just south of Boston,” said Paul Dykstra, CIDESCO USA CEO. “Oasis Day Spa is the place to visit!” Press Release




Skin INC announcement



Elevate your experience with a Massage Enhancements

Enhancements can be added to your 60 or 80 minute massage! Hot Stones

Begin your massage with warm stones and effleurage massage to warm up the muscles.


Aroma Blend

Choose from six special blends for an ultimate aromatic and healing experience.


Salt Foot Scrub

Slough and buff dry feet with Repechage seaweed and peppermint salt scrub & warm towel foot wrap.


DoTerra Peppermint Foot Massage


eco-fin® Hand or Foot Treatment

Petroleum free all plant based oil en-robe hands or feet in warm mitts or booties restoring dry skin.


Lamina Lift Face Mask

Seaweed delivers essential nutrients and antioxidants replenishing deep hydration with this Repechage Lamina Lift Sheet Mask and Jade massage.


Eye Contour Mask

Hydrate, de-puff, firm and lighten the eye area. reduce signs of sleep deprivation and environmental damage with this seaweed based Repechage eye treatment.

(additional 15 minutes)


LED Facial Mask

LED light transforms skin cells into younger healthier functioning cells increasing density and firmness. You will notice a healthier looking appearance after just one treatment!



Cupping aids in releasing fascia improving flow of energy and circulation.


Dry Brushing 

Begin your massage with therapeutic dry brushing done with a boar bristle brush in light sweeping strokes to aid in lymph drainage and exfoliation



Treating easily inflamed complexions – a gentle approach to healing acne

Hydra Medic Facial (60 min./$90) Acne and rosacea are targeted by this service featuring Repêchage Hydra Medic products.

After cleansing the face, the esthetician massages in a serum under steam. Next, a mask containing seaweed—high in essential fatty acids—preps skin for extractions by softening comedones, which helps minimize trauma. Following extractions, a mud mask is applied, reducing redness thanks to seaweed, brown and red algae, and an oil-absorbing mineral. That mask is removed and replaced with another containing calamine, zinc, buttermilk and tea. Once the final mask is taken off, a mattifying moisturizer designed to smooth skin and heal acne lesions is applied.

Sensitive skin all-stars:

“The Hydra Medic line’s ingredients help regulate normal oil production and heal the skin,” says spa owner Julie Mahoney. Plus, the at-home Beta Hydroxy Serum combines glycolic and salicylic acids in a low percentage to remove dead skin and reduce sebum retention while minimizing irritation.

Kudos from clients:

“People are amazed by this gentle healing approach, especially after trying strong cosmeceuticals that initially improve but never completely heal their acne,” says Mahoney, who recommends monthly Hydra Medic facials, a weekly mud mask and twice-daily use of Repêchage homecare products.



Congratulations to Deana and Donna for achieving Oasis Day Spa’s standard of service by completing the MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist Certification.

Here at Oasis, all our nail technologists must complete the MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist Certification ensuring a higher standard of salon hygiene and safe practice. Oasis Day Spa is accredited by MediNail Learning Center under the direction of foot care specialist Dr.  Robert Spalding, DPM, a professional committed to the advancement and empowerment of his profession.


Oasis Day Spa is the proud recipient of The South Shore Magazine’s Star of Excellence award

Chosen by the staff of Black Rock Advertising & its affiliates in partnership with a select group of business associates on the South Shore. The Star of Excellence award is given to companies that provide and exemplify overall excellence in quality of product, service & total experience provided to their clients & customers.