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Important Booking Updates


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Some important information to know about your visit!

It is busier than it has ever been at Oasis!

Due to an ever-increasing influx of guests, we encourage you to plan ahead for your visit.

Most single weekday appointments can be made within a 2 week lead time and 4-6 weeks on nights and weekends.

Couples Massages and parties of two or more guests are booking out about 1 month for weekdays and 2-3 months for nights and weekends.

We do have an active cancelation list as an option for any appointment, package or party. Many cancelations occur 24 – 48 hours in advance.

 Conversely, we would like as much lead time as possible for a cancelation to allow a better chance to fill the time.

Thank you for your patronage!

Julie, Joe and the entire Oasis Team

Laurie Consolo

Laurie will be back for 4 weeks July 25 – August 26. You can book an appointment now!

Book Here with Laurie