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Meet the Spa Staff

The Oasis Team

The exceptional staff and leading edge spa services have our clients and the press alike singing our praises.

Oasis Day Spa−There is no mistaking the name. Oasis Day Spa is a blissful retreat and is widely recognized as the go to spa for holistic skin, nail and body care on the South Shore.



Safety is Top Priority with our Advanced Nail Technologists!

As Certified MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist™ (M-ANT) our nail staff professionals have completed advanced training in working aseptically with clients for their ultimate protection through safe salon practice. All our Nail Techs have completed the M-ANT course achieving the highest standards for practice in their profession. Your safety is our top priority!

Oasis Day Spa has launched Healing Hands Manicures and Pedicures that cater specifically to clients with a compromised immune system due to cancer and other illnesses. Our staff is trained in safe practice for post oncology care and we have installed Contégo pedicure spa chairs. These chairs stand alone as the ONLY spa chairs that have a disposable foot spa system called Single-Use Disposable AirJet Liner™. Our liner protects each and every client from possible cross-contamination. Both the liner and the jet are disposed of after the service is complete, and every NEW service begins with a NEW AirJet Liner™. Clients no longer have to give up the luxurious water massage they receive from the traditional foot spa jets in lieu of safety and hygiene.

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Oasis Welcomes Windy Kelley and Structural Integration to our Menu of Services

Structural Integration is a series of ten-sessions designed to restore balance to the body and create optimal form and function. Each session includes Bodywork, Dialogue, and Movement Education. Gratuities are not accepted for this service.



Hands-on Bodywork realigns the body with gravity and releases chronic tension and stress.


Dialogue themes are used to increase awareness of how emotional stress is stored in the body and how it relates to physical tension.

Movement Education:

Movement Education explores daily life body use with the emphasis on maintaining and prolonging results achieved in the series.

Structural Integration is an integrated system designed to restore the whole body. It is not a remedy for illness. It is a process of transformation to a higher state of health and well-being.

Although Structural Integration may be effective for temporary pain or tension relief, pain and tension are usually the result of an overall pattern of imbalance occurring in the body. Rather than treating the pain of tension symptom of this imbalance, the focus is on rebalancing the entire body-returning it to a more aligned, relaxed and fluid state.

Dr. Ida P. Rolf developed the process of Structural Integration as a holistic system combining soft tissue manipulation and movement education to restore the body to its natural state of alignment and balance — by lengthening, restoring, and reorganizing the FASCIA, the connective tissue matrix of the body.

Fascia surrounds and supports all of the muscles, bones and organs in your body in continuous web-like layers. This fascial net, or connective tissue matrix, is the body’s internal system of flexible support — giving it strength and shape. The fascial system responds to injury, chronic tension and habitual movement patterns by shortening from both the forces of gravity and the mechanical forces of habitual movement patterns.

When your fascia shortens, thickens and becomes glue-like, it locks in less-than optimal patterns of strain and pulls your body out of alignment. Dr. Rolf’s work is based on the insight that your body is more at ease and functions most effectively when its structure is balanced along the vertical line of gravity. In this place, gravity gently lifts and supports your body rather than pulling it down. By systematically restoring the integrity of your fascial system, your body becomes aligned and the entire system can be a smoothly functioning and coordinated whole.

Dr. Rolf believed form determines function. Structural Integration can create a more adaptable and supportive form that can function more optimally in the field of gravity.

The field of gravity is an unseen force consistently interacting with the human body. Structural Integration re-educates the person and the human body to live and move in harmony with the field of gravity instead of being in conflict with it.