Oasis is accredited by CIDESCO


Our exceptional staff practices by the highest standards in the global spa industry.


Our Front Desk Coordinators

Our friendly front desk team is here to help you navigate our menu and assist with booking your visit.



Our Advanced Nail Technologist Team

Our nail staff professionals have completed advanced training in working aseptically for ultimate protection through MediNail Learning Center. This certification is the highest standards for practice in their profession.



Our Aesthetic Team

Our aestheticians receive ongoing training with Jan Marini and Repechage to keep current on ongoing skincare trends. Oasis aesthetics goes beyond superficial care by considering the whole client for treatment.



Our Massage Therapy Team

Our massage therapists have received many awards of excellence for their outstanding service in holistic care. They receive ongoing education to expand their scope of practice.



Our Makeup Artists

Our makeup artists bring their experience with many popular cosmetic lines to teach and create with Inika Organic’s natural beauty philosophy.


Our SI Practitioner

Structural Integration serves to restore the body to its natural state of alignment by lengthening the FASCIA which surrounds and serves the entire body as its system of flexible support. By  restoring the fascial system, the body becomes naturally realigned enabling proper function and posture. This results in freedom from pain, stress and injury due to improper alignment.



Windy has a BS in Biology and is a NEWSI trained Structural Integration Practitioner. She received her training at the New School of Structural Integration in Laguna Beach CA. Windy has continued to study the body with classes such as Bio-mechanics of Alignment and Pilates. Windy is a BASI trained Pilates Instructor and a MA/CA licensed Esthetician.



Our Reiki Practitioners

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing using hands-on ‘palm’ healing through which a “universal energy” flows. It is a meditative practice using gentle touch or no touch at all to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety.  Healing energy balances the mind and body promoting a positive mental state and the body’s ability to heal itself. You are fully clothed for this service.



Chris is a Third-Degree Traditional Reiki Master



Reiki with Guided Meditation

Energy healing using hands-on ‘palm’ healing combined with guided meditation with Val. You will be guided with a focused body scan meditation and will have hands on Reiki to release bound up tension in your body.



Val is a certified Meditation teacher and Reiki Master.

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