Structural Integration – Transformation to the Core

Do you experience Limited Flexibility or Range of Movement, Postural Issues,  Back, Hip or Knee Pain, Chronic Stress or Sports Injury?

Many people ask us “What is Structural Integration and how does it work?” Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about Structural Integration or ‘SI’.

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration serves to restore the body to its natural state of alignment by lengthening the FASCIA which surrounds and serves the entire body as its system of flexible support. By  restoring the fascial system, the body becomes naturally realigned enabling proper function and posture. This results in freedom from pain, stress and injury due to improper alignment.

How many sessions will I need?

This will vary depending on your objective. You will notice results after just one treatment. 3 sessions will restore the full ‘sleeve’ of the body and is also a suggested ‘tune-up for those who have completed a full ten sessions. 10 sessions will achieve complete and lasting restoration.

What is the cost?

One Session $200. The price is reduced to $180 for a series of three or ten. *This service does not receive gratuites


About Windy

Windy has a BS in Biology and is a NEWSI trained Structural Integration Practitioner. She received her training at the New School of Structural Integration in Laguna Beach CA. Windy has continued to study the body with classes such as Bio-mechanics of Alignment and Pilates. Windy is a BASI trained Pilates Instructor and a MA/CA licensed Esthetician.


“I came to structural integration to release tension in my body and to fix some back issues five months after having my second child. As a Pilates instructor, I was confident that I had a great body awareness and anatomical knowledge, but my sessions with Windy gave me insight into the way my body works and moves. She taught me how to hold an aligned posture with less tension, let go of my old habits and overall move in a more relaxed way. In addition, she always had time to answer questions and to get to the root of the problem. Windy is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend working with her.”

– Saara Wacklin


“I progressed through a ten series with Windy due to overall tightness and some lower back and shoulder pain; the series easily bested my expectations. Even through the first few sessions my body responded and movements felt effortless. Simple movements of flexibility like swiveling around in the car to look behind me felt markedly fluid and unencumbered. By the end of the full series, I felt much better and noticed improvements across the board from posture and gate to overall comfort and complete lack of previous nagging pains.”

– M. Reele


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