Wrap Report Oasis Feature Article in DAYSPA Magazine

The best thalassotherapy treatment is found in the Seaweed Body Contouring Mask! The Seaweed Body Wrap at Oasis Day Spa in Weymouth Massachusetts begins with a full body dry brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and exfoliation to enhance absorption of vitamins & minerals from 4 Eco-Cert seaweeds that make up the body mask.

After dry brushing the Seaweed Body Contouring Mask is warmed and painted on the body. The client is wrapped in a Mylar blanket and an infrared temperature controlled sauna blanket to encourage the detoxifying process. While the client detoxifies for 20 minutes the technician performs pressure point scalp massage and sinus release.

The client will then shower using the soap free Repechage Sea Spa Body Wash containing essential oils of orange, Lime, coriander and mint. Repechage Sea Spa Body Oil with carrot oil is applied. Clients are encouraged to continue to drink plenty of water following this treatment.

The Seaweed wrap targets the full body including skin, muscles, joints and organs. Symptoms are also targeted such as inflammation, water retention, muscle aches, dry skin as well as cellulite and flaccid skin.

The dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, combined with heat therapy facilitates an exchange of toxic release and nutrient absorption. The Body Mask’s 4 Eco-Cert Seaweeds contain iodine, magnesium & nutrients which stimulate the detoxifying process, nourish the muscles, reduce inflammation & increase metabolism.

Clients love the sensation of being swaddled in a warm cocoon to emerge feeling energized and renewed. Clients have reported several pain free days, increased metabolism, more energy & better flexibility. Several of our clients receiving frequent Seaweed wraps suffer from fibromyalgia, costochondritis (caused by radiation due to breast cancer), arthritis, inflammation, bloating and heaviness. The Seaweed wrap is also beneficial when recovering from illnesses and season changes. Some clients also report smoother skin appearance and inches lost.


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